Just in case you’ll breathe your last tonight”

So the world was meant to end on May 21st at 6pm. I’m listening to 9pm news as the anchors slyly report that it was all a hoax. I’m blogging, so at least I’m alive… and so are my other friends on facebook and twitter, who, as soon as the clock read 6pm, did not waste a chance to declare they’re still breathing and they’ve not heard any trumpets or earthquakes as had been prophesied. I’m glad that we’re all alive and well.

The past few days I have found great humour in reading people’s posts about the end of the world; at least everyone I know knew it was outrightly not going to happen so the posts were just sarcastic. So besides having a good laugh at some of the caustic remarks, I decided to give the whole issue some thought, hence this blog.

Two days ago, I woke up to find a text from a friend of mine, asking me if I’d heard about the whole ending of the world issue. Of course I’d heard about it, and obviously did not believe it one bit, just like the person who sent the text. However, there was something different about the timing of the text that made me give it some thought.  A dream I’d had that night.

Usually, we don’t remember what we dream about, at least not everything. On a usual day, I would not have bothered to give thought to my dreams of the previous night. Not on this day however. I had dreamt about the end of the world. It was a judgment forum where we were being questioned about our deeds, the reasons why we had done certain wrong things throughout our lives. By we, I mean some of my family members, friends and other people I did not know. When I got to the forum (people were streaming in, like we used to in the school dining hall, at different times but within a limited period after which the doors were locked), I was issued my list of “misdeeds’ and given instructions that I was required to think about them then answer to the ‘Judge'(read Master) when he came. So I took my list and looked at it. I noted it was comparatively longer than that of one of my family member’s, and that of a few other people around. When I gave it a closer look, I wondered if I was really guilty of some of those things listed there but it occurred to me that it could have been certain evils that I watched happen, misdeeds that I had a chance to stop but I did not. So I was guilty of them. It was a long, tense and uneasy wait. I tried to think of what I’d say in my defense but I could not quite figure things out. Maybe it was because I was already guilty, and my ‘Judge’ knew it and had enough evidence to convict me. Were it in a normal court of law, I’d have been acquitted of all my charges with the help of a good lawyer. Sadly, this was no ordinary court; I had to answer for my mistakes and maybe get punished if I was guilty. However, just like any other dream, this one did not end, at least not how I expected it to. The ‘Judge’ did not come so I did not get to know what my fate was. However, it left me thinking.., and I would cogitate for quite a while after I got that text.

So I asked myself a few questions.., that would be worthwhile to ask ourselves.

Do we ever take time out of our day to at least consider that maybe we’ll die in the next hour, so maybe our judgment is that close? Do we at least say sorry for our misdeeds at the end of our day, considering that we may be taking our last breathe that night, and hence have to face judgment.

Many people believe that when their time to leave this world comes, they’ll have got some sort of sign so they get to prepare themselves. However, how many times have we seen people pass on and think maybe they died a little too early? Do we realise that maybe some day, peolpe will say the same about us, and we will truly have passed on without having repented, or at least been ready?

Anyway, we all have our beliefs about fate, destiny, sin,death and judgement and I respect all that.

I just wish that  we would all examine our conscience as often as we could, at least every night before we sleep, ask for forgiveness and resolve to improve our lifestyles and avoid near occasion of sin. And at least make a point to amend.

For Christians, it could be a few question like, “What did I do today that pleased God? What did I do today that offended God? What will I try to change or do better tomorrow? What could I do to please God tomorrow?” or a simple self inquiry before doing something that you feel could not be right, “Will it please God if I did this?”

Sometimes we feel we need to lie to get out of a tricky situation. I was in such a situation today. But acknowledging that God would be unhappy with dishonesty, we may just find a way of telling the truth and dealing with the consequences.

I am no saint; after all, my list of misdeeds in the dream was way longer than I’d have expected it, and longer than most peoples’ lists. I just think it is worth making an effort to do the right thing.


“If you sow sparingly, you shall reap sparingly.”

So just incase you’ll breathe your last tonight, it may be important to do an examination of conscience before bed, be sorry for your misdeeds, and resolve to amend. And if God gives you a chance to live another day, keep your promise. Amend your life.


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