“Quit asking and trust”

You ask why bad things happen to good people..; to make them stronger in faith,or maybe simply, because it is God’s will..,but wait, what defines good people.? Some would say good people always stop to consider if their actions will please God before undertaking anything<From a Christian point of view>.
Most of us think ourselves good..but if we took time to think of our faults and carefully examine our conscience, we may discover ourselves proud.
I do not wish to judge,afterall, don’t we all have good deeds in our records,bringing joy to other people’s lives,the attention to detail and diligence with which we do our tasks..etc besides our faults??
Sometimes we fail to understand why we’d fail to succeed in tasks we’ve given our all.
What would explain why we lose people who mean the world to us, why kids get orphaned at such tender ages, why families are left to suffer when their sole support passes on?
Why we may spend our lives working towards goals we may never achieve?
Sometimes I wish there was a life manual/guidebook;that way,we’d avoid certain mistakes that we regret all our lives, we’d know what path of our life to channel our efforts so that we don’t wish we did something else years down the line. But if there was such a book,then we’d be kept from learning from our mistakes..,life would lack the diversity,hustles and bustles that make it great.
I can go on and on questioning,but i think there comes a time when we just have to quit asking,and trust. Trust that God knows everything,that He has all the answers but needs us to stop searching and seek Him first. When we find Him,we find peace,we find ourselves,we find the answers. Remember;
“Many great things depend on whether you and I live our lives as God wants us to.”


One thought on ““Quit asking and trust”

  1. Insightful. Many people ask too many questions to even understand what they’r going through. You never know the purpose of something till you see it’s end. Trust and go with it. Very perceptive words you’ve written.


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