I so feel that blog post!!

Just the other day I narrowly missed out on a job that involved instructing on how to write good blogs. Well,I’m not sure narrowly is the right word to use but anyway, I think the odds were just against me. Or how would you explain me doing everything I could to schedule an interview and all my attempts proving futile? And when I finally succeeded in getting the software I needed for my interview, I still could not get to be interviewed because i lacked a certain micro piece of hardware(read mic). Anyway, I think that job was not meant for me.., at least that’s how I see it(what better consolation?)

I still wonder if I had to go through all that hustle for something  that was not meant for me but anyway, I don’t think I’ll get the answer to that question so just assume I did not ask.After all, I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try.Or maybe, just maybe, I was getting pay back for complaining a few days earlier when I had a stack of work to do on a day I was so not motivated. And for anyone interested, there are quite a number of people who would pay you to update their blogs. The contract doesn’t come easily but it might just be worthwhile. There’s nothing good comes that easy, is there?


I have become an ardent blog reader of late, either because I have less books to think about or because there are quality blogs out there. Quality and/ or humorous. I don’t know if it happens to anyone else but i have this habit of identifying with most good blogs I read. By identifying, I mean, feeling that I should have blogged about the same topic earlier, at least as soon as I thought about it.  Well, but do I say, Great minds really do think alike. If I blogged all the things I considered viable blog topics to discuss, then maybe quite a few people would not have to blog as it would be a mere repetition. But we all have freedom of expression and I do not wish to deny anyone that. Just like in a class when someone answers a question before you and you feel that you would have said exactly the same thing, or even better. In such cases, humility is of essence; but whichever the case, I think such things are bound to happen in life and we have to co-exist with other great minds. And I wrote this to explain liking all the posts I adore or identify with.., more like avoid saying”I so feel that blog post.” Need I say that I appreciate any great piece of writing?

I’m writing this to fight an urge to blog that I’ve been having since morning; hence, it is not as well thought upon as my other pieces of writing/blog posts. I knew what I should have blogged about but I guess I lacked enough material or inspiration to blog, or better still, motivation to look for the material to make a nice piece of writing. So yeah, it may not have been worth your while but thanks for reading all the same.

From the desire of being approved … Deliver me Jesus.


(A line from the Litany of Humility)


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