“Till Google burst my bubble”

.Memory chip for the human brain.

Special note to reader: I am not sure if such a device exists or if my idea is even near plausible. In case someone has already invented it, please forgive my rants about my ‘idea’ and be kind enough to refer me to where I can get this important memory chip. If no one has been able to come up with such a chip, then I give you the go ahead to begin research and efforts to design it. One final thing; I would like to retain copyright on this idea. 🙂

(This would have been the Special note to reader had Google not burst my bubble. Read on though, I’ll try to keep everything as original as I can.)

Memory chip

“A chip that holds programs and data either temporarily or permanently”

Hold on. This post is not about computer science or anything close. I just think that the device I have in mind has close connection with a memory chip and it could be of great help to many people. I have never had a knack for sciences so though I think this is a niche that ought to be filled, I do not find myself motivated enough to want to do it . I think I’m more the entrepreneur type; coming up with ideas then rallying the resources to have them actualized.

Sometimes I’m envious of my computer’s ability to store so much stuff. Don’t you think school, and generally life, would be a lot easier if we had brains that could store as much as computers? Don’t get me wrong. I value my brain for the kind of stuff it holds for me. I just pity it sometimes. So much stuff to read about in school that may not be useful ever again in life but it has to hold them safe for me so that I’m able to pass my exams. Hence, I think it’s only fair that someone comes up with a ‘helper’ for my brain.

I’m thinking of a chip that I can easily slot in and out of my brain. I’m not sure if that is ‘medically’ possible, thus I need someone to confirm it (To be doctors , where are you?). This memory chip slot should accommodate chips of different types, some that have temporary storage and others for permanent storage. The memory chip slot needs to be activated/ able to work at least from High School* level.The memory chips should not take the place of the brain, they should only ‘help’ the brain. For instance, after reading for long hours and you still have to continue, you can just slip it in to help the fatigued brain. This would also help out in campus in certain courses where there is a lot of literature to be read and you have to remember a whole lot of stuff even after campus. I’m not hinting 🙂

People complained enough times in high school that we were taught too much irrelevant stuff, and we did not have much choice but read it all, at least for the sake of exams. I bet it would have been much easier if there was a chip I could slip in during certain lessons, record the classes then only slip it back during exams. You must be asking what the exams would be for. Well, my idea is that this chip should only record when you make  effort to concentrate, so you wont have a choice but be attentive through the lessons. Working just like the brain.

One of the lessons I remember from primary school science is that machines are meant to “Make work easier”. I have to mention this lest someone thinks I’m lazy and I’m trying to look for something to do my job. Far from it. I just think that it would be great to have an easier way to do stuff. For instance, I wish there was a memory card i would slip into my brain, have it record this blog post, edit and then download all the info to my comp. Or a memory chip programmed to write blogs, essays, articles, etc.., a chip programmed to write what you think. Blogging would be so much easier!!! And should I add time-saving?!!


Special note to reader:

First instinct when I’m looking for something would be to Google it. Well, today I did not. I felt I couldn’t find a succinct way to describe the ‘device’ I had in mind. This also means that the ideas expressed and developed in this blog post are very original.  Once I started blogging, the idea became clearer so I found what exactly to Google; (#My idea was great.., ’till Google burst my bubble!!#) I realized that scientists have been working on it so unfortunately, the idea was not as original (I bet you have also thought about this before but I want to give myself a plus for taking time to write about it.:-). Fortunately though, no one has been able to come up with such a device (I think) so y’all thinking of a career in that direction, that’s a first job for you. You might find this link useful : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/3341597/Human-memory-memory-chip-could-mean-we-never-forget.html

Be sure to holla when you invent it. 🙂

*A few facts from the internet :

  • The brain and skull reach their full adult sizes by 16 to 18 years of age..,
  • 5-20 years old: this stretch of time is where all of the parts of the brain are being myelinated (developed) and by the time you’re 18-20, the development has plateaued and development is mostly ceased
  • 20-death: the brain continues to develop, but it is also in a state of constant deterioration and regeneration.

Thus, the memory chip would be more useful around/ beginning ‘high school age’*, right?

(Could I have spent my Saturday afternoon any better? Let’s keep thinking of the niches yet to be filled.)

Ps:  *Images sourced from the internet.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


8 thoughts on ““Till Google burst my bubble”

  1. Lemmi first commend u on taking ur time 2 write this. Clearly shows a smart mind at work and the zeal 2 contribute 2 technological advancement.
    Then I also gots 2 give props 2 the human brain. Given that only 10% of it is in use, I think its doing a pretty neat job!:D
    Lastly, about the feasibility of this idea…I’m no brain expert(WANNABE4NOW), but considering the brain’s sensitivity. . .no wonder that chip is not yet out! *maybe if they can come up with sth organic it could work coz the effects would b reduced #myAMATEURopinion, ask me in a few 4 a professional one:)*


  2. Thank you.., thank you.:-)
    Well, the human brain z still a wonder.., I guess until God decides that it’s ok for man to get that close an invention(organic), then this might just be ‘another idea’
    And yeah, in a few, be prepared to confirm my ‘theories’ in the medical world.:-)


  3. As far as am concerned, the brain is more powerful than any other device_research should not be on making chips to help the brain but rather on maximizing on the brain potential-good post though


    1. Thank you.
      Research on brain implants began as early as 1870 and to think that such a ‘chip’ has not yet been discovered only proves how powerful and complex the brain is. I agree that it would be much easier to seek to improve it.., but let’s wait n see if scientists will be successful in their quest.


  4. *to be doctors* reporting for duty

    putting chips inside brains is too risky(i think)..chips malfunction and stuff, so when yours acts up you’ll need what, brain surgery everytime?

    closest they can get is embed it in 3D specs or something, that u can wear and ask qns, or that can read thoughts..too complex though.

    and you just made me feel annoyingly geeky typing that!


    1. Risky? Yes, very risky.., bt life’s a risk.(Though some risks are definitely not worth taking.)

      Well, groups of scientists think it’s possible to have neural chips (neural implants sounds better, right?) and they’re working on it.., I hope they’re thinking ‘organic’, i bet it would be safer that way. And if the ‘chips’ malfunction… ata me cjui;well, you’ll be the doctor so you decide.

      Too complex? Maybe not. As to when, and if it is even possible to get those neural implants.., Only time will tell.

      Thanks again for reading, ‘GEEK’. 🙂


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