“Rectitude of Intention.”

So why do you work?

Whether it is work-paid employment at a job or work-the physical or mental effort directed at doing or making something, we all have a duty to work well at it. There are many positive things that a keen person would find about work. Besides helping us gain a sense of maturity, work helps us attain virtues like responsibility, perseverance, patience etc. Work well done is also a means to Holiness.

Well, enough about work theories for now. I’d want to continue but I do not feel experienced enough to address that topic. Though I’ve been working for a while now, I still do not consider it a ‘real job’ for many reasons. It is a great job; it’s very flexible, it is legal, keeps me busy, pays well, I get to use my literary skills and I work from home. That’s my definition of a good job for me, at least for now. However, I did not apply for it, it just found me so I still do not consider it a ‘real’ job.

Just recently I got my first ‘real’ job. I consider the job in question as my first for one main reason; I applied for it. I went through the whole process; sending an application letter and ‘C.V’, getting interviewed to prove my abilities, negotiating my salary and getting hired. I got quite excited about this 1st job especially since I had received a few rejections earlier. It was like my ‘big break’. I couldn’t wait to work on my first assignment. I worked on the job for a few days, being careful to follow instructions to the letter, etc. I was a newbie so I was working on ‘trial basis’; that would explain why I had to do everything possible to earn my employers trust if I was to get hired permanently.

Unfortunately, my joy about this job was short lived. I got fired at the peak of my employment. I do not know if fired is the right word; I feel it might be a bit harsh so I will simply say that my contract was ended.  In retrospect, I underwent some form of ‘depression’ mainly because I had worked really hard at it.Though I speculated I would get fired, it did not help that I got notified about my ‘jobless’ status a day after since I was still very anxious (or nervous, I’m not sure which one). Fortunately, when I got to know about the contract ending, I had already gone through the five stages of ‘depression’ so it was easy for me to accept the decision and move on. “Depression’ is in quotes since what I went through was a very minor form of ‘stress’ but yeah, that was how my first ‘real job’ ended.

I have since moved on and I am happy with my current status. 🙂


Bottom line;

It is always important for us to work well. Use our talents and abilities well, and serve others. We should be punctual, work to keep deadlines and not work to change them. There should be order in our work. Work well done sure does please God, and if we can gain virtue from it, then all is not lost when we lose it. It gives one satisfaction to know that you did your best. And yeah, it is also important to have rectitude of intention; work for the right reasons

Well, there are many reasons why we work, but I think there should be only one main one; To please God. All other reasons should be secondary. If our work pleases God, it means that it is good enough, for our bosses, for ourselves, for those who look up to us, etc. Christ worked as a carpenter for most of His life, a very simple, noble vocation which He gave His best.., thus, if our work is noble, what really matters is the importance or dutifulness we give to it. Work well done is a means of achieving Holiness, so before you set out to do a task, offer it up to God and give it your best. That way, work is more fulfilling,

Like I said earlier, I am no expert. I just think that we gain a lot from sanctifying our work. Our daily tasks are more meaningful and fulfilling. 😀 The much I have learned from the ‘school of life’.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


4 thoughts on ““Rectitude of Intention.”

  1. Lol…I thought you said you wouldn’t blog about that rather unpleasant turn of events…sure you must have still been an asset to them … maybe better opportunities r beckoning …thanks for the insight on good work ethic…


    1. Haha. I felt ‘strong’ enough to write abt it so nikaandika..,no hard feelings to my former boss at all 🙂 guess life’s abt learning from every experience. Thanks for reading.

      On Sat Jun 11th, 2011 5:05 AM PDT


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