Deserved rest

Eight months ago I enrolled for Bachelor of Home Management at a college in my compound. 😀 I have been studying there for the past eight months, and still counting. Some people doubt this claim so I’m not surprised when they ask if I’ve not gotten tired of staying home. They feel I’ve been holidaying for eight months, which is far too much time to be idle. In retrospect, the last time I holidayed for more than half a year was when I was three. But then that wouldn’t quite be referred to as a holiday because I had no option but stay home then, right? Anyway, I would like to appreciate ‘rest’, deserved rest for that matter

I saw some two kids, both about four years at Mass today. Very cheeky kids, I see them nearly every Sunday and they’re always playing without a care in the world. They make me miss my childhood, and closer home, they make me think of school those days.

Remember the Class one book “Hallo Children”(If the picture doesn’t ring a bell, kindly proceed to the next paragraph). How we enthusiastically learnt about Tom and Mary, their father Mr. Kamau who was a bus driver. I can’t remember the titles of the other books in that series but I remember there was a “New Friends” either in class three or four. Those days when school was fun, holiday assignments were much less than what is given nowadays so we looked forward to holidays with good reason. Sigh. #nostalgia. But growing up is inevitable so we had to leave the Tom and Mary series. Little did we know that it was an introduction to set books.

I still don’t believe that after about ten or more years of primary school, all we got was about two months of rest. I do not wish to complain so much especially because we got holidays every three months but well, ten years is too long a period of time to be repaid by two months of holiday, don’t you think? I wish to rest my case though, because I am almost certain that the two months holiday after primary school is not about to be lengthened. And if recent trends are anything to go by, students may be joining high school in mid or early January. Paying the price of technological advancements and a new generation:-)

As years went by, the longing to clear school increased. The workload quadrupled and so did the pressure and expectations. No wonder I think it is only fair that anyone who goes through high school deserves enough rest afterwards. We all have our limits. Some had rested enough after two months. For others though, it’s a different story altogether. It’s been eight months and I still do not feel well rested (well, I’ve been schooling- Bachelor of Home management 😀).

I embarked to specialize on home management skills for a two reasons. One, man’s basic rights include food, shelter and clothing. Shelter is preferably a home, so what better skill to have than that of home management. Two, though most of us acquire home management skills over time it is usually on a part time basis; the greater concentration being given to formal learning at school.

So I’ve been taking home management classes; very formal home schooling . Reading material include newspapers, magazines, cookery books and sometimes  articles from the web; basically any article with relevant information passes as a teaching aid. My teacher must have a doctorate in that area, judging from the years of experience so I am well taught. It’s not all theory though; I have practical lessons very often, sometimes even more than once a day. I am not sure how much of the syllabus I am yet to cover but I bet I’ll be good enough once I start formal practice of my skills.

Most Bachelor’s degrees take a minimum of four years and since I will be resuming ‘real’ formal learning soon, I will defer my second year admission to a more convenient period. It may be in four years or in fifty years (after retiring from formal employment). Whenever it will be, I hope I will be able to get a doctorate before I take my final walk to the land of no return.


To those who still doubt my claims, rest is a state or period of refreshing freedom from exertion. It means doing another profitable but less exerting activity. Be sure to rest as often as you can, but make sure it is well deserved.

*Image sourced from the internet.


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