Be pleasant, be kind, be nice.

Having recently watched the nominees for the top judiciary posts get interviewed publicly, I can’t help but think of how much we need to uphold integrity. It doesn’t really matter at what point of our career we may be, our actions will follow us wherever we go. If the current trend of public interviews for top jobs Is anything to go by, we ought to be extra careful of our actions if we are set on reaching our goals. A few misdeeds may be the hindrance to achieving our greatest potential.

I believe we have all been or will be amateurs or newbies at some point in life, right? Well, we all have had to learn something from scratch, that’s unless you could talk and walk at birth (standing ovation for you if you could :-)).  How well or how fast we acquire a skill depends on many things; our willingness to learn, our efforts towards learning and our teachers/ teaching aids, amongst other things. Just like a toddler would have a hard time learning how to speak if no one bothered to talk to them, it would be really difficult to learn how to do something as well if your teacher is unwilling to teach or if you’re unwilling to learn.

I bet at some point we have had to receive services from a person who is new at their job. It could be a teacher on practice, a driver or conductor, a teller etc. Some are really good at the job so we may not even notice that they are new. Others may not match our expectations so we complain or do our worst. Wouldn’t we rather accommodate them; accept that they are training and maybe advise them on how to be better at what they are doing? I am not advocating for low standards; I just feel that it is important to be kind. We may need that kindness later in our lives.

A while ago I decided to consistently check the job advertisements in the local dailies so I could determine how pertinent to the job market the course I wanted to take in campus was. Though I got my answers, I couldn’t help notice how stringent most job requirements were. What of the many years of experience required! I do not wish to judge the staffing employees for needing experienced employees. I just feel that if experience is not the main desired quality, an otherwise qualified candidate should be given a chance if they show willingness and ability to match up to the job requirements.

If you are in a position to train someone, do it well; like you’d want it done if you were the trainee. And if you are getting trained, give it your best. Be polite, patient, diligent etc. If you happen to be served by someone who is new at their job, be kind and accommodating; if they make mistakes, show them how to do it right, but be nice, and kind. If you are serving people and you’re new at your job, be at your best behavior, be pleasant, take correction kindly and seek to improve.

Well, every dog has its own day.  You never know who will be in the interviewing panel. I bet you wouldn’t want your interview panel to comprise all the people you disrespected as you focused on the peak of your career.



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