“Don’t hate the players, hate the game”


So today someone put me on the spot for having a Facebook account. If this was,say, two years ago, I’d have had more reason to defend myself; those days when I was an ardent Facebooker. Now my account is very dormant but I still defended myself anyway..,mainly because the person who asked had a very negative opinion about facebook (blame the negative publicity of social networks by the media). I needed to put across the ‘don’t hate the players, hate the game’ slogan .

So the questions came;

“Are you on Facebook?”: Yes.

“So you can meet and chat up with strangers?”: Well, only if u allow them(accept friend requests)..

“but you still can chat with peeps you don’t know, right? (said negatively)”: (resignedly) Ok, fine.

The questions kept coming and I was having a hard time keeping up since everyone around was of a contrary opinion but well.,I still tried. Though I didn’t quite manage to convince them, I think I successfully proved my point.

Responsibility.  How many people have numerous social networking accounts and still live a very normal life? Besides, I have met like 90 percent of my friends on Facebook; n I hardly chat with the 10 percent because I’m hardly there anyway.

I am not the biggest fan of facebook or other social networking sites for that matter. They have numerous  downsides..,I mean, can life get any more unreal? The virtual-ness (that word doesn’t exist but well, it’ll help me put across my point) of stuff- conversations, even people, is just too much.., makes it difficult to spot dishonesty as some people have perfected that art. Peeps have learnt to say what they know you’d want to hear,as opposed to what is really true. Don’t you just hate it when you can’t gauge people’s level of sincerity?? I rest my case though, having in mind that there are still many honest people out there.

Having my Facebook account (this stands for other social networking accounts as well) does not make me any less or more human. It does not make me irresponsible or make me a bad person. On the contrary, it helps me keep in touch with people but still maintain a reasonably sized phonebook. 🙂

I don’t get why people make such a fuss because I believe an irresponsible person would still be so, whether social networking sites are there or not.., and though they provide a forum, we should concentrate more on instilling the desired societal values other than condemning and blaming everything else but ourselves.

More social networking sites are coming up and more people are joining  them. A point will come when we’ll outgrow them, or another craze comes up. Until then, let’s concentrate on dealing with them. Ensure kids grow up with good values. We’ll need those thirteen year olds (and all those kids in school) at some point. Maybe they’ll be our assistants, or workmates, or who knows, maybe even bosses and we’d sure want people who are well mannered. Let’s all work towards a responsible generation.., a virtuous generation.


2 thoughts on ““Don’t hate the players, hate the game”

  1. It’s pretty easy 2 know who’s fronting even on the social networks if u ask me.
    (Like there’s this time I busted a phoney “J.Cole”:D#justsaying)
    But yeah, it is very possible 2 be on these social sites and live a perfectly normal life


    1. True, it’s not so difficult to identify but in the real world, you’d easily tell by seeing the person. let’s keep it normal in the virtual world.!

      On Thu Jun 16th, 2011 12:20 AM PDT


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