“So, what steals your precious time?”

Note to reader: This post is not about proverbs, just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a blog by the first paragraph 🙂 (hehe, self made comparison.)

Procrastination is the thief of time, right? True, at least the wise men said so. And we know that time is one of the most precious commodities, right? So why would we let anyone (read anything-i.e procrastination) steal our time? Proverbs may not always be true but well, they’re always right_ I have a feeling that it’s the reverse that is right.., or true. Wait, is there a difference between right and true in this context? I’m not sure.., I’m not even sure if that statement regarding proverbs is true so if you differ don’t hesitate to let me know. Anyway., If proverbs are always right then those wise men must have been really wise_ ok, no wonder they’re called Wise men and not something like ‘proverbers’ or ‘proverb authors’. Moving on.

Of late I have been procrastinating a few things, blogging being one of them. I can’t totally blame myself since I was up and about in the past week so I’d say I did not have time; and I really need time to blog well. However, if I’m really honest to myself, that’s not entirely true because I have unfinished drafts in my records.., signs that I had time to start but well, procrastination ‘stole’ my time.

Before I continue, I’d like to take you through the process of creating a new blog post for me.

Stage one: A new idea comes to mind. Sources of ideas range from conversations to read material or just something I remember. Due to the random nature of the ideas and/ or their sources, this stage is known as Randomness. At this stage, the ideas maybe several; related to the initial one, or others that are totally different_ but involve something that I’d want to talk, read, write about. The idea(s) go through vetting to identify the most plausible one at the time. I then proceed to stage two.

Stage two: (Conceptualizing) Here, I begin with sampling the results of stage one. Usually, the vetting exercise forwards more than one idea. Fortunately, the ideas forwarded are usually related so I seek to find a way to combine them in one post. This is the most important stage and it determines if there’s a stage three or not. As I try to combine the ideas, I also seek to establish the plot of the story, the fluency or ease with which the idea can be developed. If the ideas from stage one cannot be combined and/ or they don’t have enough basis to complete the story on their own, they are discarded and the process of creating that blog post meets a dead end. If the ideas are plausible and can combine, I coin them to a ‘concept’, and begin to mould the concept. If there’s light then the concept is forwarded to stage three. (I see the light if ideas continually flock the brain and I feel the immediate need to organize them; leaves me with no choice but to put them down )

Stage three: a.k.a Actualization stage. I begin developing the concept through writing. This is the first ‘real’ stage and it is very crucial. (previous stages take place in the brain so I consider them virtual). At this stage, the concept may undergo a short term death(if it is saved as draft) or it may live(get published). Whether a concept lives, or how long a concept remains ‘dead’ depends on its viability. If a draft is not continued within the next two blogging sessions,it goes through a natural death.If it lives enough to make a story, it becomes an article.

Stage four: The article gets published after previewing, adding photos etc. After publishing, I reread through the now blog post, correct unintended typos, and generally rate it. This marks the end of the process.

(I certainly didn’t realize the process was that long till I wrote about it.., and I doubt all my posts go through those stages, that’s just the basic process though.)

Stage three_ that’s where my procrastinating comes in. I get all these ideas about what I should blog about but if something small comes up, I postpone the blogging. Postponing sometimes =less chances of doing it at all. Other times I decide to get over my procrastinating habit and actually start writing. However, I get the mentality  that I’m writing to get over procrastination.., so that mentality ‘clouds’ my mind and takes away my initial excitement about the idea, leaving me without enough motivation to develop it into a blog post. So I save the draft, hoping that my motivation about that idea will come again. It doesn’t.., thanks to procrastination. Only other ideas come up.

As fate would have it, stage one has a tendency of starting when I’m in bed, just about to call it a day. Thanks to my nocturnal tendencies, my brain encourages the ideas to grow into a concept. (I don’t easily fall to sleep during bedtime so what a better to keep my brain preoccupied. 🙂 ). The unfortunate thing about this is that I don’t get motivated enough to start stage three since it is usually past my bedtime. Only a few ideas survive to be developed the following day. Most ideas hit rock bottom. Except today.

Well, today’s ideas involved procrastination.., and like I said earlier, my blog has fallen victim. So, in an effort to break the trend, I have decided to update my blog. It’s a few hours past midnight, it’s dark and I’m feeling as alive as ever. Not an iota of sleep. One thing I appreciate is that if an idea is viable, I just can’t get myself to stop writing. (I didn’t even think about switching on the lights.) No wonder I had a hard time keeping my school essays to a minimum of 450 words.., which reminds me, there’s an email and an essay to be written, both have been procrastinated for more than two months (I’m writing them out of my own will though so not to worry., I’ll work on them asap.)

So what have you been postponing? Maybe it’s replying to emails/ messages, or phone calls. It could be your new year resolutions, or learning a certain skill, or reading a certain book/ topic; it could be confession, or attending service on Sabbath, or reading the Bible, or praying/ improving your prayer life. Maybe it’s helping out a friend or someone on the streets, or helping a sibling with school work, getting someone a gift or treating someone to lunch, maybe it’s passing congratulations or condolences or visiting someone in hospital. It could be that you have postponed setting goals, or you’ve done away with them altogether. Maybe you have been delaying telling someone how good they are at their job, or how they inspire you.., complimenting someone for their neatness, order, diligence etcetera. You would not rather say these things for the first time at their funeral now would you? I doubt. Whatever it is, let’s stop postponing and start acting. And let’s act soonest. Same way life is too short to eat green bananas, life is too short to keep procrastinating.


Have a procrastination free day! 🙂


4 thoughts on ““So, what steals your precious time?”

  1. Oops .. I’ve procrastinated reading ur blogs.. sorry :D…thanx for ’em reminders (Wats ’em bananas gt to do wit da blog?- just asking)…btw I thought twitter is sm microblogging site but I cant find my way about(a newbie ) …I’ll also start blogging now that I got nothing else to do @ home …


    1. Haha., Thanks for reading. I got that banana caption, it’s just a mere relation., not so much to do with the blog. You can follow great bloggers., and maybe even start your own. I’ll be waiting. 😉


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