“Only successful candidates will be contacted”

Only successful candidates will be contacted”

You may have come across that phrase as you flipped through pages of newspapers or magazines or maybe it was one of the ‘requirements’ (for lack of a better term to use) of a job opportunity you sought or a competition you wanted to get into. I’ve seen that phrase before, and I bet you too. I find that ‘Only successful candidates will be contacted’  phrase particularly disturbing though. Most times it is usually followed by others like “The judges’ decision is final” or “Do not call!” etc. Don’t you feel that people are prompted to defy the latter because the “only successful candidates…” phrase is a bit ambiguous? Even unsuccessful candidates made an effort to apply so it would only be kind enough to contact them, the bad news notwithstanding.

It gets worse if no date is given regarding when the successful candidates will be contacted. The anxiety involved is indescribable. In a case where one is invited for an interview, the level of anxiety is highly dependent on how the interview went. You can imagine the agony one goes through if the interview went well  and one expects a call/email that is not forthcoming. How long can one keep hoping that all goes well?

It’s already bad enough if one is unsuccessful, but I think it’d be better to get a letter of rejection than to keep hope alive about something you already missed out on but you have no idea. Letters of rejection are a bitter peel to swallow though, so maybe a better phrase would do.., for instance,”Candidates who are not contacted by (say,)the 1st of August should know that they were unsuccessful_ I’m not sure if it lessens anxiety but it’s much easier to handle if there’s a deadline, beyond which one moves on. Such a phrase would also reduce on expense that’d be used to contact unsuccessful candidates.

One positive thing about the online jobs I do once in a while is their protocol when your job application ends or is unsuccessful. One gets notified twice, an email and a notification on your page. The email goes on to state the reason your application was unsuccessful, as stated by the hiring manager. I love that approach because it reduces the anxiety associated with a job application, it alerts you that it’s time to apply for more jobs and depending on the reason provided, one is able to know what to improve on. Maybe more hiring managers should adopt that procedure.

Many times when we seek consideration somewhere (applying for a job or getting

into a competition,etc),we do so expecting a positive reply. We put our best foot forward and give the applications our all, depending on how badly/ much we want consideration. Sometimes we get what we’re after, other times our efforts are futile. Some call it fate- ‘maybe that spot was not just for you’.., others say maybe God willed otherwise. Whichever the case, I know it’s not easy not getting something you’ve worked so hard for. But I guess that’s how life is, at least I’ve learnt that in the past 6 months. There’re certain things you get and others that you just don’t get. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try every so often though. One is not defined by their failures so it’s no use giving up. It is said that the biggest regrets are of things not tried.., other than what you tried and didn’t succeed in. When setting out to do something that is in line with your goals/dreams, give it your all. If it doesn’t work out, at least be glad you tried. You wouldn’t know the outcome if you didn’t try.

A line from an old song by Westlife(can’t remember it’s name though) succinctly summarizes part of this post;

“…you’ve got to fight for every dream; who knows if the one you let go would have made you complete..?”


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