“…Of birthdays and uniqueness.”

You must have heard people say that age is just but a number. Well then, if age is just number then a birthday is just a day, right? So what’s all the fuss about birthdays anyway? *shrugs shoulders*. I don’t know_ that’s why I still fuss about mine I guess.:-)

Many people believe that birthdays are overrated and though I don’t totally agree with them, I think I understand their point of view. After all, it’s a day like any other. Other children get born and many others die, :-(. Many other people share a birthday with you so it’s not a day uniquely set aside for your birth. While many people are too busy to celebrate birthdays, others don’t even realize that it’s their special day until someone sends a gift. For such people, birthdays are just days like any other, except that they begin a new calendar year.

I tend to feel that people would take birthdays more seriously if really significant stuff happened on such days. If, for instance one had to go out to the forests and kill a lion; or jump down from a storey building, with the number of years one is turning coinciding with the number of floors to jump from. Those two examples are a bit off limits because they pose a threat to life but well, they sure would make people remember birthdays, right? Though such activity would cause great anxiety for those having to do it, it would help people gain courage and even get over fear of heights (positive thinking :-)).And to ensure that people lived on to celebrate another anniversary of their lives, there’d be medical personnel ready to tend to those who got overpowered by the lion(s) and  a good landing place would be prepared for people who took the latter choice.

Another thing that in a way makes birthdays look insignificant is that there’s not much evidence that a person is a year older, besides a mental note (based on the birth certificate / ID/ Passport) and maybe a party/ other celebration. The age of trees, for instance, can be determined by the circular linings on the inside of the stem, the bark, etc. It is very difficult to do the same for humans especially in their early and mid years. Nearly everyone looks younger than they are; which i think is a good thing. It shows that people are taking better care of themselves.., though that’s debatable. Anyway, I think that birthdays would mean more if there was actual evidence like in trees. If, for instance, the lines on the palm of one’s hand signified their age. It would really mean something if you woke up with an extra mark/ line on your palm, wouldn’t it? But we’re humans, unique creatures. Thanks to technology and development, we have better means of identifying our ages. And we may have to keep celebrating our birthdays, at least so we ‘feel’ older.

Though birthdays are just days like any other, each day boasts the birth of many cute little babies who are all uniquely different from each other. Each day marks the celebration of the lives of many professionals, actual and many others in the making. Though several people may share a birthday, each of them is a unique individual. If it was possible we’d all have a day to ourselves; a day we’d call special because it was set aside for our birth only. Unfortunately, there’re only 365(6) days in a year, billions of people in the world and many more awaiting birth. The statistics above notwithstanding, we can still make our birthdays special in many ways.., by counting your blessings thus far and thanking God for them, by doing things that you don’t do everyday, or by helping out people in your neighborhood or in the streets. If your birthday falls on a working day, it would mean more if you offered up your work and gave special attention to detail.Generally, it means just adding a touch of uniqueness to your actions. The fact that a birthday only comes once a year (and once every four years for the Feb 29th peeps) already makes the day too special to go unnoticed.

Make someone’s birthday special today!! 😀


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