“We all have gifts, only, some open theirs sooner.”

Well, yesterday I nearly got late for my morning class. In essence, I was late by about five minutes but since the lecturer and quite a good number of students weren’t in by then, I considered myself ‘early enough’. I’m not one to intentionally get late especially for class but yesterday was one of those apprehensive mornings. I woke up at the time I’d usually be leaving the house which meant I’d have to rush and consequently be out of breath by the time I got to class. Totally not my idea of a beautiful morning but thankfully everything else went well.

You must be wondering why I’m talking of oversleeping yet there’re numerous ways to aid waking up like alarms, right? Well, I think the ability to wake up/ or not to is all in the mind,that’s besides God’s grace. I’m more of a nocturnal (if my recent habits are anything to go by) which means waking up early is not always my piece of cake. That again depends on my mind_ if I have purposed and I’m willing to wake up early or not. The two (purpose and will) have to go together and the waking up process is easier if motivation is added. I’m not sure which was lacking yesterday but I really need to figure that out to avoid such incidents in the future.

Unlike some days when I don’t even hear the alarm (hardly ever happens though), yesterday I heard the alarm, irritating ‘rooster’ alarm I must say, then put it off so as I could actually get up.:-). And I did get up., nearly an hour later when I should have been leaving. They say once bitten twice shy. Not sure I had that in mind though. The same incident had happened again sometime early this year,same place, same time. Then, it was worse since it was not about a lecture I didn’t want to skip; it was the morning of my SAT 2. N those SAT peeps are Punctual!! By God’s grace I still got there in good time and I was in a better position to do the test since oversleeping had helped me sleep enough. In retrospect, it was a blessing in disguise, though it’d gotten me really shaken up.

I love my sleep.., that I cannot deny, and neither can I overemphasize the need for sleep; but I wouldn’t willingly let my sleep get between me and my other important activities. When it happens and I escape getting late by a whisker, I consider it to have been planned and thank God for bailing me out. It’s quite a trying period when you’re stuck in traffic that just won’t clear; you know that you’ll get late but there’s not much you can do about it. I wouldn’t say I’m lucky, I’d rather say I’m blessed.., which is true for all of us.

Speaking of luck, I don’t really believe in luck (I think). If I did, I’d consider myself unlucky. It’s no wonder I dreaded those outings/opportunities in high school that had a limit to the number of students to attend. In such cases, the yes/no method of choosing was thought as the most fair in my class. In case you’re unfamiliar with that method, it involves picking a folded paper from a box. Those whose papers have a ‘yes’ on them get the chance. For such a method, luck (or fate/ God’s will) usually determines whether the paper you pick will be blank or have a ‘yes’. If statistics are anything to go by, I’m quite unlucky since I hardly ever picked a yes. The few times I did, it was maybe since the possibility of getting a blank was close to zero or I’d have prayed really hard for it since it was a chance I did not want to miss out on. For those I missed, I let it slide.., thanks to the saying: We all have gifts, only that some open theirs sooner. Maybe it wasn’t my turn to open mine,YET.

I still will not condemn myself to bad luck though. I know I’ve had my fair share of times I’d think I got lucky, rather, I was blessed. Anyway, there’re a few things that I don’t understand. For instance, on the day I wake up early so as to have enough time to get caught in traffic and still make it to class on time, I get to town a whole hour early since we were able to evade the traffic jams somehow. On the day I leave a little later and cross my fingers that there’ll not be traffic, you can guess what happens. One would also wonder/ask aloud why it always rains when we don’t carry an umbrella, yet on the day we bother to carry one, the sun decides to shine like never before. Or on the day we dress lightly because we the previous day was super hot, it remains dull and cold or worse still it rains. People end up thinking that the freeze and shine was your objective but you know terribly well that you’d have done better had you known better. I’m done looking for answers though, so the most i do is maybe try to find them amusing, laugh them off and move on.

Whether we’re lucky or unlucky is debatable, but one thing is for sure; we’re blessed. We’re blessed in a lot more ways than we can imagine and it’s only fair if we take time to give thanks at least everyday. And if there’s some opportunity you’ve missed out on and there’s nothing you or anyone can do about it, let it slide. Maybe that wasn’t your gift.., or if it was, it wasn’t yet the right time for you to open it. 
Always remember;
“We all have gifts, only, some open theirs sooner.”



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