Call it…”irrational fear of simple things”

So I was seated at the doctor’s listening intently while trying to identify how the condition he diagnosed could possibly have caused me a terrible migraine that was now on it’s third day. It was a condition I had not had before and I didn’t understand how I got it all of a sudden. Had I made a self diagnosis, I would have thought of malaria (nearly all symptoms pointed to it) but after testing negative for it, I was left with no choice but to trust the doctor.

I’d spent most of my morning at the hospital and though I still had a headache, I was glad the right diagnosis has been made so I could get treatment and finally leave. Sigh of relief. Wait, that came a tad too early. The doctor prescribed a few drugs then saved the best for last. The injection.! Did I mention that I FEAR injections? Well, now you know. Actually, call it a phobia for any form of piercing. My heart sinks every time I get symptoms of malaria because I know I might not evade that prick on my finger as I get tested. Worst part is that I am hardly ever diagnosed with malaria so it feels like a waste. Now if a prick gives me so much anxiety, you can only imagine what an injection does.

I was not going to give in without a fight; without discussing the pros of that procedure. I needed to know what my options were. I had a meeting to attend in an hours time and an injection would be the only way I’d get relieved of my headache. I’d lost appetite and I needed something to get it back so I’d have my first meal of the day and regain my energy. I needed a fast remedy and an injection was the only option. 😦

Though I gave in after a while, I didn’t take it seated down, literally. It wasn’t so much the pain but the anxiety of having a syringe go through my skin. The thought of feeling the needle prick through my skin then feeling the drug trickle in brought me so much anxiety I even forgot the pain involved. Though I didn’t shed a tear, I needed to yell a bit as a result of the anxiety brought by my phobia for injections and to help take my mind off the whole procedure. Don’t judge me :-), I have a phobia for those things… drugs over jabs any day!

Speaking of phobias, there’s something I don’t quite comprehend about phobias so I decided to consult my dictionary. Not that I don’t know what it means but sometimes I just look up words so I know how my dictionary defines them; the exact wording used in the description.

▶ n
an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of simple things or social situations

As of now, I have three phobias.., at least those that I know of/ I can remember. Next is my phobia for chicken. Yeah… kuku :-). Highlight the “Irrational fear of simple things” in the definition above. Moving on. I’ve had this phobia since I was a kid. I guess it began when I got pecked by one while still young and it must have been sudden or caught me unawares since I got really freaked out. It was not so much the pain but the thought that chicken can actually peck and cause you some pain of sorts. I still remember being pecked and that’s one of the first things that comes to my head when I’m ‘confronted’ by a chicken. When I’m barefoot or in open shoes, I fear that the chicken will peck at my toe nails while confusing them for maize seeds! It’s a kind of fear that i cannot understand but well, that’s why it’s a phobia and not just a fear.

The other thing about chicken that freaks me out is how they ‘fly’ around making annoying noises when they’re scared. See, sometimes I brave myself and try to scare the chicken away. The chicken get scared alright but their reaction frightens me the more and whatever ensues would crack anyone up. My parents still keep chicken but thanks to my phobia, I can’t walk around in shorts when the chicken are feeding outside. At least I’ve been able to outgrow the phobia a bit with age but I wouldn’t deny that chicken still make me anxious.


My third phobia is that of cats. I can’t quite tell where this originated from but I’d bet it’s worse than the chicken one.
Cats can be dangerous.! They’re said to have nine lives while humans only have one (at least that’s what I know), so in a confrontation between man and cat, you’d guess whose chances of survival are higher. One may call it lay man thinking; well, I do not have proof to agree or refute.

When I see a cat, the phrase ‘a chill runs down my spine’ comes alive. The image that comes to mind is one of an angry cat with sharp claws jumping onto my face. Any effort to get it off would mean the cat skinning off my face in an attempt to hold on. Yeah, terrible. That image must’ve been from a horror movie but the thought still scares me all the same. I’m not sure that justifies my phobia for cats but I know one animal I am never comfortable around is a cat. The anxiety it brings me is indescribable so I keep off cats as much as I can.

I still laugh at myself when I remember how agonized I was before and during the injection. But I guess that’s how phobias are. Something so minor in one person’s view is such a mountain to someone else. No wonder I try to find humour in my phobia situations after the agony part is done.

There’s a slight limp in my walk hours after the jab. I think the injection spot hurts but I doubt it’s anything beyond psychological pain. Try telling my brain otherwise 😀

What’s your phobia?
Do have an awesome weekend!

*limps away*:-)



8 thoughts on “Call it…”irrational fear of simple things”

  1. U must fear the injections n kuku, u hv outlind them in detail.. Just think ths way nxt tym u c kuku “if u prick me, il EAT u” haha it myt stop the phobia!


    1. Injections.. guess I’ll just try stay as healthy as I can..
      Kuku.. good idea.. bt I’d have to catch the chicken n ‘slaughter’ it before I eat it, right? *insert fear 🙂 *.but I’ll try that next time a chicken ‘confronts’ me.
      Thanks a lot for reading.


  2. I like ur sarcasm and,the narration is quite funny,maintain this and a spot my open up 4 u soon,this time u get to compete and compared to staff room diary,who knows,may be whispers


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