“A little intelligence goes a long way”

November; bits and pieces of the month that was.

How often do you leave your phone in a matatu in the morning and the person who boards the matatu after you ensures that you get it back by afternoon? No, scratch that; let’s call it ‘leaving by mistake/ forgetting your phone’ because I bet no one in their right mind would intentionally leave a phone they value in a matatu. Not very often, right? Actually, hardly ever does one lose their phone and get it back. Well, someone did and got it back so yeah, miracles do happen and there’re good people in this country.

Well, they say you never miss the water till the well runs dry; I say you only realize the value of good driving after an agonizing bus ride with a reckless driver. I had one of those a few days ago and it was an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

As fate would have it, it was the evening after one of my toughest exams; those days when all you need is peace and quiet. It started with a price hike that required me to pay five times what I’d pay during off-peak hours. I had a choice to wait till later but it was already dark and the clouds were threatening to open, which would mean another price hike.

When I finally got a bus, the conductor insisted that there were seats at the rear end. I got the last seat and when the lady behind me wanted to alight, the conductor brushed her off with “Madam nitakulipia kumi” as the bus sped off. The lady was much older than me so I did the modest thing and offered my place but she declined. What followed was an agonizing journey, getting hurled in the air every so often and having a headache every time you land back to your seat. The fact that my chin leveled with the shoulders of the passengers beside me only made the landing worse. As anyone would expect, passengers angrily aired their complaints about the drivers rough driving but it’s those buses where the driver’s cabin is separated from the passenger’s and the conductor only laughed it off.

That driver must have been high on something because no sober driver would take the risks he took. I couldn’t wait to get home and though I was aching all over, I was grateful that the worst (an accident) hadn’t happened.

Contrast that to a conductor of another fleet as he allowed two ladies to alight since the bus was full; “Tafadhali Niwieni radhi; Ningekuwa na uwezo ningewabeba nyote.” The calmness with which those words were said was so appealing. Judging from the conductor’s accent, I would have bet he was Coasterian and expect that was normal but he responded to the driver’s Kikuyu and I thought otherwise. Let’s give credit where it’s due; there’re not many who are as polite.

November has marked the end of school for me, at least till next year. There’s something about clearing school that gives me a weird urge for leisure reading. The other day I passed by a bookshop to check out a book someone had recommended and I ended up reading at least two chapters of most of the books on that shelf. I thought about buying them because I loved the content but most were small so I’d only need to visit the bookshop like twice or thrice to finish reading them. Then I thought about buying then donating to a school library. That’s a plan for the future though. Oh, and I have to mention that by clearing school, I don’t mean KCPE or KCSE but the first step on my way to being a financial analyst. I know most of my readers already know this but pardon me, I had to clarify because I have been receiving concerns both in and out of school from people who feel I’m too young to be in college.  🙂

I think it’s great to be young, more so, to look young. If I’ll still look younger than my age when I’m eighty, I guess I’ll have a mouth full when my peers have shed their teeth. 😀 … which is a good thing, I think 😛

The icing on the cake has been some amusingly silly movie ‘Johnny English Reborn’ that had the catch phrase “A little intelligence goes a long way”. It’s been a great way to end my November.

The title of this post should have been something like ‘bits and pieces of the month that was’ but a little intelligence does go a long way, right?

Welcome to December 2011!!


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