“Greatest idea of all time!!…or maybe not :-) “

For quite a while now I’ve been trying to figure out the right onomatopoeic word to describe the sound made by mosquitoes since the ideophone *tiiiiii* doesn’t seem to work. Is it just me or does the sound seem slightly different every time? I must have read somewhere years ago that the sound mosquitoes make is a result of the flapping of wings. I’m not sure if that’s just an illusion (I’d be glad if someone confirmed or refuted my claim) but whatever the case, that sound can be pretty annoying.

I could bet that its maybe one or two mosquitoes that are making these irritating noises in my ear but well, I can’t complain; at least not today.  Actually, I’m very pleased at how informative the noises are. Its like the message beep on my phone that signals an incoming text, these noises seem to signal “BEWARE! Bloodsucking insect on the rampage”.:-D So I take the necessary action, use my sense of sound to determine where the mosquito is then thrush my arm in the air to at least wave it away now that it’s dark so I can’t see it. 😦

Well, it’s a few minutes to midnight and I’m sitting in the dark waiting for power to be restored. It’s been nearly two hours but I can’t afford to go to bed just yet because there’s work that needs to be done and submitted before morning. Yeah, it’s a job and y’all who have worked under someone for pay know that work should be well done and deadlines should be met. At least I promised to submit after I fulfilled my Sunday obligation but I had only done so much when power supply was interrupted. You must be wondering why I haven’t lit a lamp, right? Well, the lights went out when we’d all had our evening meal so when they weren’t back as soon as expected, everyone else readied themselves for bed. No one bothered to light a lamp because practically, no one needed it. But in retrospect, had I lit the lamp, the mosquitoes would be less attracted to the light emanating from my screen and by extension, my blood. But then again, I need electricity to power my computer and the lamp’s light wouldn’t do that so that gives me closure of some sort. Wait, now that so much is possible in the world of science, there should be a way that lamp can help charge the comp, right? Well, I don’t know; maybe if you asked me to determine the chance of success of such an invention or its profitability I would, probably because that’s where my knack lies.

I could decide to go to sleep expecting to wake up early and finish up but I don’t want to give up without a try. I am in no position to determine whether I will be in the right state of mind when I wake up so I want to maximize this chance. Wait till I can wait no more. Who knows, maybe I will eventually light the lamp… and have an idea come to my head on how the lamp can help my computer. Then I can work with the right people and commence the journey to one of the world’s greatest invention!!! That’s how some of the greatest inventions came about…from pretty random occurrences; like the discovery on the forces of gravity, right? Or maybe not.:-) But then again, maybe that’s just another one of my crazy ideas. If there’s a slightest chance that it’s viable, there’s already someone working on it.
Ideas… I get plenty of them popping up in my head every so often. Most are especially related to business; an area where I feel very much at home. Though I’ve shared the viable ones to the right people, I do it during informal conversation so I really hope they take the cue.
That said, I’m YET to get that mind-boggling idea; the one that will incessantly nudge me to action. The idea that will mark my purpose in this world. 
Funny enough, every time I think about ideas, I remember a phrase from “An Enemy of the People”: A conversation between Peter and his brother, Dr. Stockmann “…ideas; you’ve got plenty of them, but you need a man of different mettle to actualize them.”(slightly rephrased).
Food for thought: Where do you group yourself? As having all the ideas but without the ability to actualize them, with the ability to actualize other people’s ideas or having both? This is where team work comes in because the first two classes of people need each other. If you have both abilities, then bravo, but you may want to remember that two heads are better than one. Hands too!

Well, I’m still in the dark, unintentionally, but I’m glad that this power interruption has helped me do something I really love to do. And in case you’re wondering, its not a case of unpaid bills or that we’ve used up all the units. I’m back home in Timbuktu where our electricity accounts are postpaid so it must be one of the usual blackouts. On whether I’m a person of the right mettle to execute my ideas, well, only time will tell.

Have a great day/night, won’t you? 🙂



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