“…Because We Can!”

You know those days you wake up really late because you spent eight hours on the road the previous day to attend a wedding that was on your to-do list since you got wind of it? Ok, maybe you don’t but today has been one of those days for me. Then there’s the refreshing feeling that comes with having had a good night’s rest and you feel rejuvenated. You have so much energy and it feels like there’s something you’ve got to do. Then it hits you that you’d focused so much on the wedding (it went well btw) that you forgot for a moment that there’s life after that. After all, it’s the last day of the year and there’s only so much you can do before the year ends. Then you remember that plan that could be slotted in today’s diary now that you’re plotless (my word) then unfortunately, that too can’t work, at least not today. So you have so much energy but there’s really nothing much to be done. You’re home alone and in all the silence, you remember that you actually do have company; the domestic animals. The potential for a musical from the various sounds they make is impressive. You take time to feed them, a gesture they most certainly appreciate. The rest of the energy is spent either pacing around or being a couch potato.

That fact that it’s the last day of the year is really starting to sink. Thus far, you’ve done a few good things for others (the animals) so you decide that you could do something great for yourself too. Like watch a good movie. You remember the mental note to watch as many good movies before school starts; at least you can cross that out. So you watch several movies but still remember to clean up before your parents are back. And since you’ve been idle (as they would call it) the whole day, making supper for them sounds like a good idea. Afterwards, you take time to do something you really love to do; blog.

Of the few undone items on your to-do list, blogging is one of those that you still got a chance to cross out before the year ends. No wonder your brain was so busy as you flounced about around the house. It was telling the stories; editing and selecting what phrases best suited what sections and creating beautiful stories. If only there was a way of getting these stories recorded so that you wouldn’t have to type them… but it’s all good; you love telling stories so it’s no bother. The only problem is that you’ll end up telling very different stories when you blog. Thankfully, all the plausible stories will get published when their time is right.

When you’re nearly done with the blog post for the day, you realize that it’s almost midnight and you want to post it in December not January. You post it then decide that this one can wait till January. You don’t have much choice anyway. After the first posting is done, you remember the norm to make that 10 seconds countdown to midnight. A childhood friend asks you where you’re ‘jumping the year‘- kurukisha mwaka (heheh, worst direct translation ever.., but the conversation is very very  casual and informal so forgive me :-)). You’re home, you’re always home on the night of New Year’s Eve. You choose to make this one different. After a brief discussion with your friend who’s also home, you stand on the sofa, you both countdown from three then ‘jump’ to the floor while wishing each other happy new year amidst giggles. ‘Jumping the year‘ in style. Yeah, once in a while we get to do these things… Because We Can. :-P.

Thus far, you’ve been good to yourself, to your family, to the environment and had fun with friends. You prayed for a beautiful day in the morning and you can now cross that out as an answered prayer. So you set out to give thanks; for life, for the day, the people and all other gifts in your life. And that you’ve lived to see the year 2012.

Let’s all give thanks to God for all the graces we have received and strive to be better people in 2012.

Happy New Year!



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