“Counting chicks before they hatch”

Today marks my second weekend in Rome; if the old adage ‘when you go to Rome do as the Romans’ is anything to go by. Yes, Rome; and before you question, allow me to explain why I call this small village in the middle of somewhere ‘Rome’. My understanding of the saying above is that it involves watching and learning how people in a new place act and picking up what you can in an effort to adapt. I’ve been in a new environment for the past week so by all means, this is ‘Rome’ for me.

I should have made a post days ago but I was busy separating grain from chaff. It’s been hours of watching what the Romans do and knowing whether I want to lead the lives they lead. I’ll be around for a couple of years (God- willing) so there’s need to design a place and a life of my own that comprises the grain. The process will take a while because there’s more chaff in the basket on some days but I’ll go through with it all the same.

Though I have finally spoken up, I am not about to say much about campus lest I spoil my chances of living up to what I believe is right. See, last time I I took pride in my appetite, it went holidaying a few days. It’s back now and I can only hope that saying this does not sabotage it’s chances of staying. Same thing about certain opportunities. They’re said to knock once on every man’s door and not talking about them until I achieve what I’m after is my way of ‘crossing fingers’. I know that my achieving anything depends on God’s plans and I submit to that. I just think that not talking much about plans that are in the works is an effort towards being less proud.

Of course I have been vocal about the aforementioned things. It has happened many times and it would follow that I have been proud equally many times. Though I may do it unconsciously sometimes, I know that many times it is difficult to keep mind-boggling ideas or opportunities to oneself. It’s even more difficult to keep mum about one’s achievements. So I write this for the sake of those who strongly believe in my abilities, or theirs too. Just to say that if you don’t hear me talk about my dreams or the things I want to achieve, it is not because I have no goals/dreams but because I really want them to come true. It’s my way of not counting chicks before they hatch!

There’s this phrase I stumbled upon months ago:

If we must be proud, let it be of the things that we do not have.

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on ““Counting chicks before they hatch”

  1. it has provided some insight..i havnt really gotten the proud of thngs i dnt hav part though..yeah i knw..ammabit slow..


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