“What’s your craze?”

They say ‘never say never’. I agree.

If you saw me a few hours ago on the passenger seat of a motorcycle headed home at jet speed then you’d totally agree with me. Racing down the road in the lighted night, holding a bag of supper in one hand and using my right hand to hold the support bar on the back. The gentle breeze and it’s effect on my hair and the sly grin when we occasionally give cars a run for their money is an experience worth a mention.

Before you give me ‘the look’, think of Angelina Jolie’s motorcycle scenes from Salt. Yeah, now trade places. Put me on her bike and hold that thought till the end of this post. Thanks. 😛

Besides cats, motorcycles have always given me the shivers  for the longest time. There’s just something about the roaring of their engines and their beeps that gives me a chill. One of my rock and hard place moments comes when I’m on a road and there’re two bikes approaching from either side. My mind goes blank for a moment and I just stand still. In the unlikely event that I move, I do so in all the wrong directions and what follows is series of confused evasions. A laughable scenario. It doesn’t help when bikers insist on using pedestrian pathways and keep beeping to signal you to give them way. For a moment you wonder if you really should move and then take a leap when it’s clear that the biker won’t change lanes.

The other day my right shoulder got hit by a motorcycle’s handle bar and I nearly had my leg hit. It was early evening and we were out to buy supper with friends. The biker only slowed down metres away and looked back to confirm if it was anything serious then sped off. It felt like a ‘hit and run’ but after getting over the shock we just walked on to get supper. Though the hit wasn’t anything serious, it only added to the reasons why motorcycles give me the shivers.

That said, I am at a loss to explain my latest fad;motorcycle rides.

For someone who wouldn’t even give thought to motorcycling at some point of their lives, being able to enjoy the rides enough to blog about them is no mean feat. I guess tables turn when you’re the passenger and not the pedestrian being beeped at. Months ago I’d pick walking over riding on those bikes but I guess time changes people. Nowadays I consider luggage or lateness but I really don’t mind one of those hair-raiser rides once in a while. Crazy, I know. It’s difficult enough for me to understand this transformation; let’s not make it any harder for the little lass in me.

Over the past few days, the statement, “Oh, btw I blog” and/ or others to that effect have appeared in my conversations a good many times. Maybe it’s because I’m in Rome (refer to “Counting chicks before they hatch”) and so I’m having more opportunities to tell the Romans what I’m about. As I answer the usual “oh, you do?” and “What do you blog about?”, it reminds me of how much my blog is lacking in recent posts. This is to ascertain that I really do blog (or write); in fact, my last post was a few minutes ago.

“What’s your latest fad?” None? Then be my guest.

*Wears helmet and speeds off*


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