“Thanks to writing…”

It’s amazing how many times we outdo ourselves. Even after living with ourselves all these years, there’re still things we continually discover about our personalities or traits. I’m not about to talk about the many times I surprise myself but I take pride in knowing they exist. I think it’s some symbol of growth and development of mind and soul (not body, for obvious reasons :-))
So I’ve been meaning to blog for quite a while now (you must have heard me say this) but thanks to school, I’ve had to prioritize on a few other issues. In all the studying, I couldn’t help but notice how a great blog post distracts me. Many times I have imagined how school would be a lot easier if all lessons were fitted into interesting blog posts or stories used to teach. Lecturers would just send you the links to their blogs and as they say, the rest would be history (very inappropriate :-|)

Speaking of blogs, there’s something about having amusing stuff to tell that incessantly nudges me to action. Stories. That’s ALL I am about (Ok, maybe not all; nearly). Stories make my conversations, they turn acquaintances into friends e.t.c. There’s always something to say about every situation. There’s always a story behind an occurrence. Sometimes the story is told, other times it is best left untold and in such instances, I’m not surprised when people refer to me as quiet.

Stories have always been a big part of me. The narration of events, not the fictional tales. I have always told stories, at least for as long as I can remember. That’s what my talkative nature is about. Telling the stories in my conversations; getting people to smile and appreciate the company.
Sometimes the writing doesn’t come easy; the stories too. Sometimes the audience is not right or maybe the story is not good enough. Sometimes stuff draws you back and it needs sorting out; yet writing is the (only) way solutions can be found. There’re certain things that are better written than said, because being vocal sometimes has its drawbacks and many times writers express themselves better in writing.
The diarist that I am finds great comfort in written words. In writing she speaks to a ready listener; one who wouldn’t judge or get bored by the many perspectives she takes when analyzing a situation. In the analysis she has a better view of things and she eventually makes the right decision. Other times she just needs to know that she’s spoken it out to someone and when the problem gets solved without she doing anything about it, she knows that there’s a silent listener in every conversation and she’s keen on thanking Him.ย Though writing may not solve the problems, it helps one get by, and that’s what we need sometimes.

Thanks to stories, I can fit well in a meeting with professionals yet my CV blatantly reads ‘Occupation: Student’; because there’s more to me than the Math I do in class. Thanks to stories, I get to identify with people who major in diverse fields but deep down have a thing for well articulated stories. It follows that as we network after a meeting, I’ll put in a word about this blogging thing I do… that’s not so developed but is a step on my part to develop my passion for writing. Writing is a great part of me and since it doesn’t get to appear on my CV, I get to tell people about it; that’s another story altogether.
Best of all, starting conversations is a lot easier with a bird of a feather you just met, thanks to stories; “Hi, I heard you mention something about writing in your speech; I have a thing for writing and I’d love to hear your story” Lame… I know, but writing stories opens doors that’d otherwise remain closed.

Besides, writing is therapeutic. There’re times I need to write just to clear my head or reorganize my thoughts. Other times I need to discuss an issue so I write about it and hold a self discussion of sorts; considering both the pros and cons. I know I can handle tricky or tough situations when I write about them. Of course all the writing doesn’t make it to the blog. There’s lots that happens behind the scenes. Most of all, the feeling that results from transforming ideas into beautiful writing is inexplicable; it justifies the work that goes into it.

Today’s date makes this blog post special; February 29. The next time I’ll get to blog on such a date will be four years from now so I just had to have this done before bedtime. Pretty last minute I know but I’ve been tied down to other stuff and besides, I think i tend to work better when a deadline is closer sometimes.
Let’s see what March has in store, shall we?


4 thoughts on ““Thanks to writing…”

  1. Somethngs are better written than said..i luv that.if u don’t own that quote i’l take it!! N readin ur blog is theraputic too..i mean u fil better after readin it..it’s lyk ur talkin about many ideas which is an idea in itself.nways luv it.gets a five star in my buks.five star blog.


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