Get OFF that comfort zone!

I have a confession to make, Tafakari. I know some of you probably know or suspect what’s been happening but here’s to admitting to our faults and rising beyond them. 🙂 . We call it ‘Maning up’  B-)

I strayed. I found new paths and a part of me shifted my allegiance from this blog. You know all those months when you came checking and there was no new post? And those times I kept saying how I miss blogging here yet I couldn’t finish my drafts? Well, I kept writing, but elsewhere (Creative here and lifestyle here). I needed to see sky scrapers of the writing world to know that there’s more to writing than my goats and chicken rants. 😛

When I started this blog, I wanted to share my perspectives about things because I thought that my train of thought was often different from the next person’s. I thought writer’s block was some sort of weakness that I didn’t want to admit to, let alone associate with and even when I just couldn’t write, it was never a block- I was either busy or lacking inspiration. I felt that my perspectives were secure fodder for my blog for a while then I began to feel that they were sometimes too weird or boring for an audience. Sigh.

Inevitably I grew up (sic) and started to question my perspectives. More often it was on whether they were fair and well-thought as opposed to whether they were right or wrong. I met the Kings, Queens, Bishops and Knights of the blogosphere and realized that I really was just a Pawn. I agreed and disagreed with many views in my head but I cowed away from blogging about them for various reasons. But every time I think through these things, I remember that I am not Just a Pawn; that I am never just a Pawn. And I feel that I am obliged to be different; to bring something unique to every table I sit at. Something better, worthier, truer.

A part of me feels that end of year blog posts are too commonplace. I think they are too easy, too predictable and I shudder to think that I would choose cliché over being different. Sometimes however I forget that I am only human. I forget that commonplace will appeal to me sometimes, and that sometimes God gives us ordinary so He can make it remarkable through us.

And just to mention what I leave 2013 having known better- God knows what I need even better than I do and He has a plan, and that God’s timing sure is the best.

Cheers friends! Get OFF that comfort zone! Jump! Explore! But don’t you forget where you started.


Shukran! 😀


2 thoughts on “Get OFF that comfort zone!

  1. YES! I visited here a couple of times :p You should have made that promise you’ll appear here often regardless. Hello? You won’t tell us about your journey out there? Blessed 2014!


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