How to use Hula-hoops to conquer the world


Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I dance. Sometimes I intentionally watch GBS TV advertise nail polish or electronics or shopping websites. Yes, sit down! 😀 I’m I proud of it? I don’t know, but admitting it counts for something, right? Judge me not, you trendsetter!!!

Sometimes I like to keep away from cliché. I’ll probably watch some unpopular channel for a while because I can’t reach the remote but other times I’ll watch it even when I have better choices. I believe in giving people (and things) chances, even when no one else thinks them deserving. I like to go to that grocer that no one goes to or that other one who’s starting out. I want to give them a chance, to believe in their dream however small it may seem, because we all start from somewhere. More often than not, they’ll serve you well because they treasure the few customers they have and they’d want you to return.

I want to believe someone when they say they can do something. I want to believe in their dreams, their vision, probably because different people have given me chances to do the things I love. Those people who believed in my abilities, even when I only had my word to show for it and coached me to harness my skills when they saw potential. Many times you know you can excel at certain things but an opportunity to prove it or affirmation from people you respect/ look up to makes a huge difference. Think of that company that gave you that first contract/job or that person that let you work in their firm with great zeal but little experience. Think of your big break (or how you imagine it to be).

We all start from somewhere. First Steps, first words; first job, first success. We walk and talk so much now yet we can hardly remember life before we took that first step or said those first words. We forget the struggle that it was and the people who held our hands and urged us on. We fail to realize that it would only be kind to help out others in the same way other people helped us up.If we think we had a harder time getting to where we are, we wrongly assume that everyone else should have it rough. We fail to hold out our hands for them because we feel that struggling is normal. It doesn’t matter if we’re right or wrong; what matters is that we may always need help as long as we’re alive and we ought to always help out when we can. Because when we’re old and grey and helpless, we’ll probably need more than we can give.

Give someone a chance today, or tomorrow. Teach them how to things better. Train, mentor, guide them. Go to those service providers who are just starting out and see what they have to offer. You don’t have to stay if they don’t live up to their word, but if they do, you’ll be glad you gave them a chance.

Sing. Dance. Act. Write. Work, etcetera.

Watch GBS, or some of those channels you probably think are crappy, for a few minutes every once in a while. Because they are a means to an end for someone and they’re a dream come true for many more. Watch that TV host even when you think you can do better than them. Let them take a shot at their dreams because if they are good enough, things will probably work out for the better.

Get away from the cliché or popular. Discover potential from places where hardly anyone else looks; because there are too many valid dreams out there but not enough people believing in them.


Ok, I won’t deny that halfway through this post I regretted having admitted to watching GBS (we’re not perfect, no?). But the beauty of a personal blog is that anything goes, really, right? And now that we’re admitting to such things, I only recently learned how to ‘hula-hoop’. 😛 Yes, really. And it’s a big deal because I knew I COULDN’T do it and there was no negotiating. I wasn’t even interested to learn but someone urged me to. In retrospect, I only needed that first push and I was on a roll!! Remember the heights of excitement in the post “Of table-top phone calls and lasagna” ? Yes, I beat that!

Honestly, I felt like I could conquer the world the moment I learned how to ‘hula-hoop’. I was Unstoppable!! Like a kid who’d just learned how to walk. I could even write a ‘How to Hula hoop’ post, complete with photos and videos and workout routines. 😛  Now, I STRONGLY feel that anyone CAN ‘hula-hoop’ and I am willing to change anyone who thinks otherwise. Tried and tested. That, friends, is the power of believing in someone else’s abilities




12 thoughts on “How to use Hula-hoops to conquer the world

  1. I felt like you were writing an article about me for a second. I am the person who looks for the newbie to see what he/she has to offer. I love giving people chances as I believe in people and their dreams. I look for the goodness in people even those I dont know. They say trust is not mine to break but yours to maintain.
    I also love experiencing new things, watching stuff people assume( and yes, that hide and seek remote makes me watch stuff I wouldn’t find myself watching)
    My hulla hoop is swimming and I will conquer it soon.
    Oh and in case I haven’t said it, nice article, reminds us we need to be human sometimes..


  2. #Inspired 🙂 Annette,I just LOVE your work ❤ ;your blog,your writing that is.And,discovered that we're somewhat so much alike in various aspects,cause I relate to a big percent of your writings….gess it's a writers' thing maybe,lol.But really,your work is rich, superb,enjoyable;simply great.I am learning alot as a fellow blogger(newbie though 😛 ).You've got yourself a constant reader and loyal follower#me 🙂


  3. Interesting how these are my sentiments exactly after learning how to skip. I had never taken interest. It was ‘feminine’ stuff anyway. But for some reason, recently as I watched a little girl skip blissfully, I wished I could too. And I did it.


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